Semper Augustus Monogram - Black
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What's In A Name

In the 17th century displaying "broken" tulips (petals with two distinct colors), was considered an ostentatious display of wealth. But no one knew how to purposefully cultivate them, so they eventually began to die out.

At one point there were only twelve bulbs of the most coveted variety, the Semper Augustus, left in existence, all owned by a single wealthy Dutchman. He refused to sell a single bulb, skyrocketing their value to be worth more than a cow, plot of land, or even a house.

For hundreds of years the source of what caused tulips to break remained a mystery; it wasn't until the 20th century that it was finally discovered.

A lethal virus devastated entire fields of lilies and other flower varieties, but strangely enough didn’t kill the more robust tulip. Instead the virus stripped the pigment from the petals’ outer layer revealing a pale underlayer.

"The thing that made life so challenging for the Semper Augustus tulip, was also what made it so unique and beautiful."

"What makes life more challenging is often also the source of great gifts. People would feel less alone if we were all more transparent about our own struggles."


Short film for Tulip Museum Amsterdam
Animation: Steggink & Steggink
Voice Over: Adam Fields
Director: Stephane Kaas
Text: Durkje van der Wal  


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